Fostering, Adoption, and the whole church family

We had an fascinating evening on fostering, adoption, and the whole church family. There are many children in need of adoption and foster care. The good news is that it’s clearly an expression of love that Christians and churches can get involved with.

We had guest speaker Josh MacDonald from Cornerstone UK, and interviews with local Christians who had adopted or fostered.

Alex and Rachel were interviewed about their experience of adopting a child. Lynda spoke movingly about the many children she has cared for as a full-time foster carer. Darren & Julia were interviewed about the respite fostering they had been involved in. In each case, the love that was invested in children shone through beautifully – both from the families involved and the wider church families praying and encouraging.

Here’s how Cornerstone describe themselves:

Cornerstone is an Independent Fostering and Post Adoption Support Agency operating from Leicester up to Newcastle. We specialise in offering ‘permanent‘ homes to children in the care of Local Authorities. We are the only Christian Fostering Agency in the UK.

Cornerstone UK website